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Bruce is a little off after a recent attack, and he completely misses a grapple.  Luckily Tim is there to save him.  Bruce is convinced that Tim can’t do it and doesn’t want him to risk trying, but Tim goes for it and manages to save his mentor.

The great thing about this particular interaction is that Tim points out that Bruce is unable to continue for the night, and Bruce listens to him.  In my opinion, Tim is the Robin who best communicates with Bruce.  Dick and Jason always let their issues with Bruce get in the way, Steph and Bruce were never close enough for her to really talk to him like that, and Damian is just too young and too much in the “son” role at the moment.  Bruce respects Tim’s opinions, and Tim is careful about how and when he voices them.

Bruce goes home, and Tim stumbles across the KG Beast while investigating some fires.  He knows that he needs to wait for Bruce (yet another reason why Bruce trusts him so much), especially since the last time Tim ran into the KG Beast he needed King Snake to bail him out.  Unfortunately, Hardback Bock and Harvey Bullock show up on the scene.  Harvey is injured and Tim is forced to take action to protect him.

Detective Comics 682


Image being adopted by a rich family

And instead of a being welcomed into a loving home

Your forced to fight crime by your adoptive father who needs therapy





Young Justice: Secret Origins 80 Page Giant

Young Justice: Secret Origins 80 Page Giant



to the hero’s shoulders and a gentleness that comes,
not from the absence of violence, but despite the abundance of it
nightwing 153 
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THIS. This is why I consider this relationship so important to the both of them. 

The definitive event of Bruce Wayne’s life was watching his parents’ murder happen right in front of him. Batman just followed up from that. And there was no one who understood that pain with any level of depth or intimacy or truth until a little circus acrobat came along. Except it took a horrible tragedy for Bruce to find that kindred spirit, because he had to watch that little boy go through the exact same thing that he did. But the shared experience forged a connection between them that, IMO, is the foundation of their relationship.

Dick needed Bruce to keep him from the dark path of destructive grief, to channel it instead into something productive. He needed a mentor figure to guide him along. Bruce needed Dick; he needed someone who needed him like that, someone who brought a little colour in his life, and someone with Dick’s brightness of spirit to open up his heart. 

Over the years, there are other things that link them, too — Batman, Robin, Nightwing, family, all their history together… but nothing can change the fact  of this shared connection that brought together. That makes them understand each other better than anyone else can.

Wise words.


Robin #154


Robin #154


Trinity 2by MatthewMcIntosh


I'll do what I can, but it's up to him.

(Superman #700)


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