MJ and the unfortunate case of armchair psychologists

The only male artists that could emulate Michael Jackson’s music and vocals without sounding like a copycat are The Weeknd and Blood Orange. The Weeknd’s ‘Dirty Diana’ is probably the only cover I like better than the original.

As for female artists, I like Tori Kelly’s rendition of ‘P.Y.T’.

Aw, Stephanie Brown is SO gorgeous in Batman Eternal #3

Reminds me of her look in the Spoiler/Huntress: Blunt Trauma issue drawn by Eduardo Barreto.


Who the hell is Bucky?


Who the hell is Bucky?


this looks really uncanny because I had to rush it slkgjslfk i’m so sorry, anon who requested percabeth!

Aw, man. I’m depressed now.

Anjelica Huston who played opposite Jackson in the Captain EO film for Disney, accidentally ran into Michael Jackson about a month before he died. They hugged, hunkered down in a room together and caught up on each others’ lives. 

Huston remembered Michael as being tender and fragile, having trouble mustering up enough anger to carry out his role as Captain EO with a spaceship crew who sings ‘We are here to change the world.’ She said it was as if anger didn’t live in his DNA. He needed her there, in costume and sneering her lines to play off her villainous character. Huston said he seemed even more fragile especially emotionally, during their brief encounter. She put her arms around him; she says:

"We talked about how he had felt humiliated by the accusation of sexual harassment and about the sorrow for the loss of Neverland, where he had lived many years. I remember his words: ‘They ruined my dream. I had this dream, perhaps childish and foolish, a place designed to celebrate the innocence of that childhood that I never had, and they took it from me. I love children, I could never do them harm. I spent all my life loving them and trying to do good things for them. The libel of harming a child—that breaks my heart. It is an unbearable pain, those accusations are unjust and terrible…’ As he said these things, he began to cry. I held him in my arms…He was so skinny and frail."

Jackson told her he was preparing for the London concerts. She remembers:

"He was training hard because he would have ‘no more hope to be loved back again.’ He wanted to be let back in to the hearts of the public after his public lynching for something he said he didn’t do and a jury of his peers agreed with. Huston goes on: "he was thin and pale; I could feel so much pain in him for the past and a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for the future."

When asked by Bizio, “What do you think really killed Michael Jackson?’ Anjelica Huston didn’t hesitate: 

"Michael had a broken heart. For this he died. The truth is that they broke his heart."

How come we never hear about Michael Jackson’s black celebrity girlfriends or flings in the media? Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills, Ola Ray, Joanelle Commissiong… did he have something with Lola Falana too…

I don’t know if his PR team is at fault or the media was being ignorant all along, which I’m leaning towards the latter coz Stephanie Mills and Michael were pretty public back in the 70s but she’s barely mentioned nowdays :/

And wikipedia pisses me off because these people editing the page acknowledge Tatum O’Neal, Brooke Shields, even Madonna as his ‘girlfriends’ but the only black woman he constantly professed his love to (actually the ONLY woman he constantly professed his love to PERIOD), and the only one he mentioned in his will; Diana Ross… is written off as ‘just friends’ or ‘mother figure’? Smh.

Michael Jackson was destroyed. Like no other person in our times. You have to remember that Michael Jackson was innocent. He was proved innocent in our courts. If you read the transcripts of the trial it is insanity, it should never have gone to court. We spent tens of millions of dollars to prosecute him when we don’t have money for schools in California.
David LaChapelle: American Jesus - NOWNESS

Michael’s ‘You Are Not Alone’ video is up there in cringeworthiness as Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’.

I love MJ

But I cringe whenever I think of his ‘You Are Not Alone’ video





i think it’s a universal truth that everyone in our generation takes pluto’s losing its planetary status as a personal offense


pluto is smaller than russia. why did we ever even consider it a planet?




Seven halfbloods shall answer the call

I need that Batman Eternal issue with Steph like right now


Is it out on comixology already???? No??? Yes???


Wow. She’s gorgeous.
Batman Eternal #3 by Scott Snyder and His Merry Men


Wow. She’s gorgeous.

Batman Eternal #3 by Scott Snyder and His Merry Men