My dash is all Captain America and GOT and I’m here…. stuck in…some random time warp of 20 years ago…

Michael Jackson in disguise and Lionel Richie

Remember when someone tried to sue Michael Jackson for song plagiarism and he revealed that his songwriting/musical I.Q was off the charts, bordering on genius?


He had an I.Q of 164, that’s 4 points higher than Albert Einstein and Bill Gates….

I have a feeling that his breakup with Diane sort of kick started all the problems later in life like the constant isolation and his failed relationship with women because remember in 1986 that was when his plastic surgeries started getting out of hand, as quoted in that insider letter of Mike's ex-employee, he got depressed and went celibate for 3 years, and started closing himself off any interviews.

I don’t know… I don’t think Diana was the only reason though.

Remember, 1986 was a shitty year for him. He was diagnosed with discoid lupus that very year, Diana left him for another man, he was dealing with constant pain in his scalp from his infamous 1984 Pepsi burn and was turning to prescription pills to ease the suffering, and all the stress probably contributed to the worsening of his vitiligo condition, as it’s been said that vitiligo excerbates under stress.

I think he also mentioned about having anorexia in the secret Glenda tapes (saying that the only thing he could control in his childhood was his eating), and a friend of Diana once mentioned that Diana used to cook for him and insisted he finish everything on his plate; sort of eludes at anorexia.

Putting all the blame on Diana is sort of unfair, since Michael was also dealing with his own personal demons at the time. Thinking back, the dude was a STRONG person. I would have broken down already.

Oh yeah. You can tell that Mike wanted to go public with his relationship at the 84 AMAs, he was hugging her extra tight and mumbling I love yous in plain sight and Diane was nervous as hell. That boy was sprung.

Yeah, Mike was all “And my favourite person in the whole world, Miss (dreamy sigh) Diana Ross, who taught me so many… wonderful… things…” and you can practically SEE Diana thinking “Michael shut up shut up shut up don’t do this on live television”

I agree about Mike and Diane. Plus his management was selling Mike as the wholesome and innocent Jehovah Witness church boy, so publicly declaring an affair with a woman 14 years older than him was a no-no

Lol, the best thing was that Mike, at the height of his career with Off The Wall and Thriller, was telling practically everyone that he wants to marry Diana Ross and settle in seclusion somewhere in Switzerland LOL.

No way was his PR team gonna allow THAT.


Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

She could have come out and said he wasn’t gay or a child molester though… makes perfect sense but… I don’t know how I feel about her being silent about their affair after he became a grown man and needed a character witness we could actually see having sex with him to vouch that he likes grown often older women and not prepubescent boys… Why stay silent?

I don’t think it was a matter of ‘proving’ that Michael was ‘straight’…. truth is, Diana and Michael’s affair was (and still is) an open secret in the industry, but the media and tabloids rather run sensational stories about Michael being strange or pedo instead. It was how they rolled. Back during the 2005 trial/MJ smear campaign, a lot of Michael’s ex-girlfriends were volunteering to come forward in the media but the tabloids ignored them in favor of shady people like Ian Halperin and Scott whatshisname claiming things that weren’t true about him. The media didn’t care about the ‘truth’. They just want to sell tabloid copies, at the expense of Michael Jackson.

Diana coming clean about her affair with Michael back in the 1980s would have made things WORSE, imho. She basically watched him grow up from a young boy, often claimed that they had a ‘mother/son’ relationship, yet suddenly when he turns 20 they start fucking? I’m sure that revelation would have destroyed both of their careers (especially back in the 80s when ‘cougars’ were still pretty taboo), and the current 00s media would have started equating negative connotations to their relationship, like cracking jokes about how Diana and Michael both like underage boys or something. I don’t know. But I know it would be a bad idea. I mean, I don’t think Diana and Michael’s relationship were anywhere near creepy at all — they were both legal and mutually consensual when they started their affair, not like she dated him when he was underage — but the media would’ve definitely found a way to tear them into shreds, especially during a vulnerable time like Mike’s child molestation trial.

I think what’s important was that Diana privately supported Michael during the smear campaign. (Heck, she had supported him since he was a teenager, encouraging him to fly solo on his own and conquer the world). Of course, we don’t see her speak up to his defense in public but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t doing anything to help him behind the cameras. Really, if Diana was this cold, non-reciprocating bitch who didn’t care about Michael after she dumped him, do you think that he would have kept on proclaiming his love for her on almost every CD, song, award show, even on his will after his death? Michael was a gentle soul, but he wasn’t a pushover. If Diana had treated him badly, he would have turned a cold-shoulder to her like how he did to his ex-wives. But up until the end of his life, Diana was still the most important woman in his life after his mother, as evidenced by the fact that he trusted his children to her in his will *coughunofficialmotherofhischildren?cough*

Both Diana and Michael treasured privacy, and they seem content not blabbing their relationship to a bunch of bloodthirsty celebrity gawkers, so I think we should respect their decision. Whatever happened between them is between them and them only — like people have said, some of the greatest things in the world aren’t meant to be shared with the public.

Tame Impala sang a cover of a Michael Jackson song?

Awesome. I love them even more now.


Michael asked if we would like a tour of the house. Bubbles went back in his cage while the rest of us began the tour with the room next to Michael’s bedroom – the Diana Ross shrine. With a convex ceiling and white brick walls, the room looked like a wine cellar. Every square inch was covered with photos of Diana Ross from her earliest years with the Supremes. On shelves, tables and the floor were hundred of candles that Michael kept burning 24/7 to “honor his friend.” We were speechless.


Pepsi Official, An Evening with Michael Jackson, 1986


The Cross-overs


Cloud: Here I met a flower girl.
She’s a girl with impressive eyes. She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years. But the innocent radiance in repreher eyes simply makes her suddenly look younger.
Aerith: “Excuse me, what happened?” 
She asked me the question, and then I bought a flower from her, which is rare in Midgar. Maybe she’s pleased that the flower was sold, because the worried look on her face had vanished. If this smile costs only one gil, it is a good purchase. - FFVII DISMANTLED

I’ve just been introduced to a new music genre

Hip-hop instrumental

Like Nujabes, Tycho, TA-KA

I’m in LOVE

Why haven’t I discovered this earlier????


Modular Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk (from Homeli)